About Us

Our Start

As schools went online, we saw the rift education and watched as parents struggled to multitask between working and managing their children’s education. As a response, Learn With Us was founded in April 2020 to provide free tutoring to K-12 students.

Learn With Us x BGCCF

Learn With Us partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida to attend virtual clubhouse sessions and provide individual tutoring sessions. Our tutors provided homework help, assisted club directors, and played educational games with students. 

Summer Courses

In June-August 2020, Learn With Us conducted 25 three-week long summer camps, in various subjects including math, art, coding, and introductory languages. Over 200 students signed up for all of our summer courses! 

College Application Workshop

In August 2020, Learn With Us Partnered with BEAM. Community, a student led peer-to-peer mentorship program, to provide a 3-day College Application Workshop to over 300 students. 

International Courses

Since August 2020, Learn With Us tutors who specialize in world languages have hosted bi-weekly Basic English sessions for students in countries such as China. 

About Us

Learn With Us is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free tutoring to all K-12 students.

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